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1. Thomas, Can we also hear your story? - Θωμά, μπορούμε να την ιστορία σου επίσης;

2. John and I have a relation together. - Ο Γιάννης κι εγώ έχουμε μαζί.

3. From hour to hour it is getting more. - Από ώρα ως ώρα το γίνεται .

4. I like roasted fish. - Μ'αρέσει ψάρι.

5. She is fit and her health is good. - Είναι και υγεία της είναι καλά.

6. She does not work, she studies. - Αυτή δεν δουλεύει, αυτή .

7. He is a professor and they are his (fem.) students. - Είναι καθηγητής κι αυτές είναι τις του.

8. He is with us when his job allows it. - Είναι μαζί μας δουλειά του τον επιτρέπεται.

9. I would never allow such behavior! - Δε θα επιτρέψω ποτέ συμπεριφορά!

10. They study in order to have a better future. - Σπουδάζουν να έχουν ένα καλό .

11. We were here, but they did not show up. - Ήμαστε εδώ αλλά αυτή δε φάνηκε .

12. He relaxed while listening to music. - Διασκεδάστηκε μουσική.

13. I had a lot of trouble persuading him. - Είδα κι έπαθα να τον .

14. I have loose change in my pocket. - Έχω ψιλά στην τσέπη .

15. They become emotional upon hearing laments. - Παθαίνονταν σαν άκουγαν .

16. She is married with a certain what's his name. - Είναι με τον τάδε.

Nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjustions, prepositions, verbs etc.:
από (prep.) from, via, through, than
ακούω to hear, listen
αμανές (ο) ballad, lament
βλέπω to see, watch, look
διασκεδάζω to entertain, enjoy
επίσης (adv.) also, likewise, same to you
ιστορία (η) history, love affair, relationship
καθηγήτης (ο) teacher, professor
μαζί (adv.) together
μουσική (η) music
όταν when, while
πείθω to persuade, convince
παθαίνω to suffer
περισσότερος, -η, -ο (adj) more
παντρεύω to marry
συμπεριφορά (η) behaviour
σχέση (η) relationship, relation
τρέπι (η) pocket
τάδε (ο) so and so, what's her/his name
υγεία (η) health
φανερώνω to show, reveal, express
φοιτήτρια (η) female student
φοιτητής (ο) student
ψητός, -η, -ο (adj) roast, grilled
ψάρι (το) fish
ψιλά (τα) loose or small change
ώρα (η) hour, time