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Naxos stad (Chora)

Chora with 6,533 inhabitants and a web of steep cobbled alleys, filled with the hubbub of tourism and shopping.

One of the many churches on Naxos.

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Irene Droppert
English - Modern Greek
Vlaardingen -
the Netherlands

Greek English Greek English
άσπρος, -η, -ο white γίνομαι to become, happen
γράφω to write η δασκάλα (fem.) teacher
το δελφίνι dolphin ο δικηγόρος lawyer
εδώ hier είμαι to be
o εργάτης workman, laberor έρχομαι to come
θέλω want το θηλαστικό mammal
ο καθηγητής teacher, professor και and
καλός, -ή, -ό goοd η μπλούζα blouse, shirt
παίρνω to take (away), obtain πάνω up, top
το πείνα hunger πηγαίνω to go
προς to πώς how
η τρομάρα fear